Thursday, October 10, 2013

About the Blog

The Subject

The main subject of the blog is automobile locks and keys. Not just any automobiles, but generally those before 1935. 

Why that date? Locks for early automobiles had been evolving fairly rapidly for the first few decades of the century. By 1935 the three major automobile lock manufacturers, Briggs & Stratton, Yale, and Hurd, had more or less settled in with a decent amount of security with minimum inconvenience to the operator and had staked claims on the major automobile manufacturers. For the next thirty years their basic locking principles remained pretty much the same.

The Author

My interest is locks and keys, primarily automobile locks and keys, although, having been a locksmith for a few years, I do have a little knowledge of locks in general. Over the past few years my interest has expanded into the early development of automobile locks and the history of the lock companies involved. Most recently I have developed an interest in old locksmith equipment.

Be cautioned that I do not know a lot about the automobiles themselves. Nor am I necessarily knowledgeable about specific lock applications for various automobiles. 

My writing experience includes several published articles for Lock Collector organizations and a website devoted to automobile locks and keys.

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